Downsizing options for seniors

Downsizing options for seniors These days, more and more seniors are looking to downsize their homes in search of something more affordable and easier to maintain. Many seniors look around in their sixties, seventies, or beyond and realize that their house is too big, full of clutter, expensive to live in, tiring to take care of, or isolated. The solution to these problems is often to downsize by moving to a smaller home, moving in with a relative, or moving into a residential community designed for seniors. Some places to consider: Caring.com aplaceformom.com agingcare.com

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ATANY August Speech Real Estate and Cryptocurrency

August Speech – Real Estate Trend and Cryptocurrency by ATANY

Do you want to learn more about real estate trend and what professionals are talking about today’s real estate market? Don’t miss this Zoom conference organized by ATANY featuring Wesley Chen from EXP Realty, Marisa Yang, Esq and Nico Yu from Waymo. ATANY 八月校友線上講座 Post Covid New York Real Estate Trend and Cryptocurrency and How it would shape the future of out economy. 時間:08/18/22 8:00pm-10:00pm 地點:Online 講座主題: 後COVID時代的紐約房地產趨勢 by Marisa Yang & Wesley Chen Wesley will cover “Whether the housing market will crash? Looking it from three angles: Current house supplies, New construction, and Foreclosure status.” 加密貨幣:重塑未來經濟的趨勢 by Nico Yu

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