This is how my friend would describe me: Wesley Chen is a serial entrepreneur, IT expert, and licensed realtor. His extensive experience in technology and business finance as well as marketing and business development, has positioned him perfectly to take the real estate market by storm. With an MBA in finance and marketing from Rutgers Business School in New Jersey and as a Professional Certified Marketer in Digital Marketing from the American Marketing Association(AMA), Wesley is equipped to help his clients establish a professional real estate strategy that is tailored to their budget, lifestyle and ambitious goals. This entails a mastery of not only the foundational aspects of the real estate market but a broader focus on the macroeconomy too, which is where Wesley’s specialist skills come into play.

Wesley strives to provide unmatched value for his clients bringing a string of notable achievements to the table. Having made his way up the ranks to serve as a Board of Directors for the Taiwanese American Association of New York, he attributes his success to his impact-oriented goals and values. This has seen him dedicating significant time to volunteer work over the years. With this in mind, he is most excited about translating his passion for changing lives into helping his clients realize their dream of home ownership – a transformational milestone for many. A Certified Technical Professional from the Taiwanese Artificial Intelligence Academy (Taiwan AIA), Wesley keeps his finger on the pulse of the latest developments in the industry and harnesses the power of technology to enhance his clients’ real estate experience. In much the same way, he leverages his wealth of knowledge in marketing and digital communications to help his clients gain the competitive edge and achieve exceptional results.

From graduates looking to rent a condo in Jersey City and young professionals wanting to purchase their first home in the suburbs to landlords and homeowners looking to get the most competitive prices for their properties, Wesley is steadfastly committed to walking his clients through each step of the process to ensure a seamless real estate journey.